Getting A HR Truck License

Getting a HR truck license is something that a lot of people dream off of getting it. But the main question they ask is how to get one? Will, this is the first question that is asked by drivers who are planning on upgrading their regular car license. Let’s guide you as to how can you get this license for yourself.

The first thing that often occurs as a problem for many is that most people do not have an access to a bus or a truck on which they can practice their driving skills on so the first thing they should be doing is to get themselves enrolled in a driving school where they can actually practice on such vehicles.

However, if you are someone who owns a bus or a truck, the same may not be accepted for attaining a HC licence Mona Vale mainly because of the requirements the license requires. It is the core requirements of driving test on main roads that you must have had the driving license held for at least two years. Likewise, if you are someone who owns a car license and wants to have it upgraded to HR truck license, then you need to give a knowledge test that is related to main roads and transport before the actual practical driving test.

The next thing to take care of is the fact that if you have made up your mind for getting such a license, then you should ask yourself a question as to what sort of gearbox do you want to go with? There are three different types of gear boxes known as the following;



Non – Synchromesh

This is where most people tend to get confused about. No matter what you feel and have a preference about, we suggest you to go have a conversation with the concerned authorities at the driving school who can guide you further in detail about the type you should opt for.

Moving on towards the training that is required for attaining such a license; you need to know that the training time depends on the type of gearbox you tend to choose for yourself. When it comes to the automatic sort, you need at least 3 to 4 hours of training. When you go for a synchromesh type, it requires 8 to 10 hours of training. Once the training part is completed, the driving school then arranges for a practical test drive which will be a combination of 1 hour less before the actual practical test begins. The results then are provided by the Main roads and transport driving examiner who actually tests the way you drive the vehicles.

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